Mini drone / quadcopter

A latest model for Unreal 4 marketplace a mini drone.
Sized just over 20cm. It will be fun to implement it in Unreal 4. 


Bgm-71 TOW launcher + BGM-7 missile

First stationary weapon, guided missile launcher. Textures are still WIP, and subject to change.
Turntable :


BMP -2 with 9M113 Konkurs AT

Newest model for UE4 marketplace, project it will feature fully functional vehicle, as usual.
Still much work to do but im getting there :)


Mi-28 Nigh Hunter

Newest model for Unreal 4 soon to be released on market place, fully functional helicopter system with guided AAM and ATG missiles , rocket pods, with 40 rockets and 30mm gun.

Fully detailed cockpit with working gauges, 8 additional skins , health system, damage model, chose loadout, no event tick in blueprints and more improvements to the blueprint performance and stability.

Presentation video 

Dummy T :55


Some of the skins all rendered in Unreal 4 

SCI- FI Satellite

Project rendered and animated in Unreal 4.
Deployment of Satellite in Earth's and Mars orbit, really enjoyed working on this project so satisfying to see it completed.

Dive In Tiberium Field

Quick environmental done in Ue4, inspired by C&C Tiberium Wars