RaP1Dm4 Space Curve

The year is 2006 good old times when shooters were simpler, and when GTKradiant was the main tool for building great maps for great game.
After couple of months building and testing i released Quake 3 map inspired by Q3DM17 map Longest Yard.
The map is very fun to play and considering that i have limited testing time the map turned out very well.
Map is like q3dm17 set in space and very open but without rail gun, yes no rail gun on Quake 3 space map there is mega health and quad damage.
There is very nice skybox that q3dm17 didn't have, and some really nice textures, created by the Quake 3 community back in the 2006 credits can be found in readme file.

If you are hard core old school gamer and still play Quake 3 you can download the map on http://gamebanana.com/quake3/maps/52288