WiP KTO ROSOMAK / AMV PATRIA - testing primary weapon and damage model Unreal 4

3d test, testing primary weapons and, movement the behavior of vehicle is much better than before
Made skeletal mesh for destroyed version of the vehicle, couple of simple particle effects when vehicle is destroyed using stock Unreal 4 materials.
I think that for now i will close this project.
What is done so far :

  • 8 wheel vehicle with turret and gun 
  • Primary gun 
  • Secondary gun
  • Muzzle flash
  • Smoke screen 
  • Destroyed version of the vehicle
  • Custom sounds of firing, turret rotation etc.
  • Adjustable health 
  • Adjustable firing rate
  • Adjustable damage 
  • Material instance for easy color adjustments 
All of the vehicle behavior can be controlled with blueprints.

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