WiP KTO ROSOMAK / AMV PATRIA - first test in Unreal 4

First test in Unreal 4 engine, and its completely done with blueprints, i'm sad that Unreal 4 still can't support 8 wheels or more, i managed to fake 4 wheels with animation blueprint but only rotation movement  i still didn't find way to make wheels move on Z axis, so until next release where i hope that there will be support for more wheels this is only solution.

Also i cannot replicate engine sounds from Buggy game i'm missing a node how to achieve that, currently im using a pitch modifier inside blueprints to make sounds and its awful but still its better than idle sound

If anyone have a way to do proper 8 wheels with Unreal 4 / 4.4  release please email me. 
Also it tried to replicate engine sounds from Buggy game  but i'm missing a node in sound editor, how to make Sound Node Vehicle Engine, if anyone discovered that please share it.

I want to make it Amphibious, i discovered thruster in Unreal 4 and i think that they can be hooked up and used to propel vehicle on water but how to make it float, i don't have even a idea how to make it float.
If anyone have idea please tell me how to make it Amphibious with blueprints please share it 

What is done so far:

  • Funcional wheels 4 drive
  • Turret movement
  • Canon movement
  • Custom muzzle flashes
  • Fire sounds on primary and secondary 
  • Custom projectiles
  • Basic hud with ammo count and reload
Still to do :

  • Fully 8 wheels physics 
  • Smoke screen
  • Sound ( engine, collide, idle, etc.)
  • Better HUD
  • Materials are currently being worked on
  • Amphibious, don't know if this is possible but will try

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