Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM in Unreal 4

Finally its in Unreal 4 and working

The vehicle have active suspension and it behaves great i tried to match it with real vehicle with mass and engine power.
-Turret works
-Machine gun works
-All doors are working 
-Cockpit camera
-Steering wheel works
-Lights can be toggled 
-Lights can destroyed and it counts as damage

KORD 6P49-12.7 mm heavy machine gun

Last model for my pack its KORD 6P49-12.7 mm heavy machine gun, i take some shortcuts on this model, it will be mounted on the vehicles so i keep it simple.,
If i would make it for first person use it would be more detailed but in this case it will be just fine to use on vehicles.

Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - LO poly

Finished version with interior, this vehicle is awesome i really enjoyed working on it.
Now to bring it to Unreal 4 engine and make it alive.

Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

Russian equivalent of Hummer
This version have  new remote-controlled weapon module called Arbalet-DM.
Third and final vehicle for my second driveable vehicle pack for unreal 4 market place

T-90A Low poly

Finished the low poly and first pass on textures, next step is integration in UE 4.

T-90A - hi-poly / WIP

Second vehicle for my second pack for Unreal 4 market place its
awesome T-90A tank, it will be fully functional vehicle, i hope that i will finish hi poly soon and start working on low poly.

APC - BTR 80

APC BTR 80, i made for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) they will use it for virtual reality program.
I made it from scratch with two sets of textures army green and UN version, and implement it in Unreal 4, made it fully drive able
It was fun to work on BTR, and great experience.