Desrt Patrol VEhicle / DPV low poly

Finished DPV, with textures, PBR ready and  ready for Unreal 4 engine.
I found out that Unreal 4 can use mirrored UVS,  and now my vehicle UVS will include that technique.
I used mirror UVS in CryEngine but never in UDK, so i never used it in Unreal 4.
But now i'm happy to use it.

And second variation, of skin 

Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) / HI poly

Hi poly of Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV), formerly called the Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV),
The model will be equipped with 50 cal machine gun , its still in WIP but it will be finished soon.
It will be imported in Unreal 4 and will be full driveable with active suspensions .

M75 " Kašikara"

My continue practice this time i modeled hand grenade from my former country Yugoslavia reliable M-75 hand grenade also known as  "Kašikara "

2048 x 2048 PBR textures and Unreal 4 ready.

Mac 10 low poly

Textured and Unreal 4 ready MAC 10.
2048 x 2048 textures and PBR ready
I learned some new techniques texturing hard surface models that will help in future projects.

Mac 10 Hi poly

I created this just to test some new technique adding some details ( bolts, groves and other details )
in substance.
So we will see how it turn out in low poly :)

Spas 12 / low poly WIP

The sexiest shotgun out there, glad i made it it turned out great.

PBR ready with textures 2048 x 2048
Ready for Unreal 4 engine .

Game Props VOL 1 for unreal 4 market place

My pack for market place it contains

  • 11 blueprints with 15 + meshes.
  • Textures range is from 512 to 2048
  • 20 sound effects
  • 3 particle effects

The assets are game ready just drag and drop it and they are ready to use.